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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is your SMART Shopping Partner, putting customers first approach and providing platforms for Nepali products globally. 


What does SMART Shopping mean?

SMART stands for Saving Money & Adding Relax Time - "पैसा र समय बचतको लागि अर्डर गरे भैहाल्यो नि". We provide the SMART Shopping experience when you shop with Global Order Now by our app on both platforms Apple and Android. 


Can I order products from Nepal?

Yes, thousands of Nepal-made products can be directly shipped from Nepal helping the small businesses locally in Nepal and promoting Nepal-made products globally. Merchants from Nepal also have shops and can be identified by the "Shipping from Nepal" option on the product page. 


Is available in the USA?

Yes, with a 2-5 days shipping option. Thousands of products are available in the USA. 


Can I order products in other countries?

Yes, Global Order Now ships products directly from Nepal to any country in the World. You can browse products for "Shipping From Nepal" options on the product page.


Can I sell products from other countries?

If you are a producer, or seller of Southeast Asian products then Absolutely, Apply here: Become a Seller.


Can I order products from Nepal?

Yes, GON has exclusively partnered with Order Online Market Pvt. Ltd. (Order Now) to give customers the ability to order within Nepal and deliver to loved ones in Nepal from any place in the World. Currently, Order Now is providing delivery in more than 160+ locations within Nepal with 15,000+ products. Visit to order in Nepal.



Simply to save time and money. Also, you can be part to support local businesses in Nepal and help the economy of Nepal by promoting export. 


Why are prices different for the same/similar products?

Multiple merchants can open up shops in Global Order Now giving the ability to bring varieties to the customers. Sometimes similar products from different merchants might have a pricing difference due to the subtle change in the quality or simply to set the competitive pricing to attract customers by offering at a discounted price. The pricing is done by the merchant.