Kanti Herbal Lemongrass Massage Oil- 100Ml

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Our "Herbal Lemongrass Massage Oil" is a herbal massage oil made with the blend of natural ingredients like sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil along with lemongrass essential oil. Tihs bottle of lemongrass massage oild contains approximately 100 ml of oil in it. This oil has many medicinal health benefits which are given below:

- It has antibacterial properties
- It may act as a pain reliever
- It may help relieve stress and anxiety
- It may help to relieve in headaches and migraines
- It may help to reduce oily skin
- It may act as a natural deodorant
- It is very good to cure blackheads, clear cellulite , fight acne and reduce puffy skin

Kanti Herbal Lemongrass Massage Oil- 100ml


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