NP- Hemp Yoga Mats , Eco Friendly Natural Multi Purpose

Brand: Royal Hemp
Weight: 1.8 KG

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This Hemp Yoga Mat is handmade with pure raw wild hemp, and fine hemp cotton. These mats are super comfortable, convenient, and eco-friendly. It can be used for different purposes such as outdoor sleeping, sitting, or as a sofa or car pillow.

These mats offer an incredible choice to elastic-based yoga mats which can regularly feel sweat-soaked or have an upsetting smell particularly when you draw near to it during Practice.

We use no bleach or other chemical treatments or dyes in our production process. The fibers are hand-harvested, washed in ash water, hand-spun weaved, and stitched. These mats are pure in every aspect. They even smell good too!

How to Wash Hemp Yoga Mat?

We recommend hand washing in cold water for the best results. Use diluted mild liquid soap. Drip dry or line dries out of direct sunlight.

While machine washing can be done, it will shorten the life of the mat so we do not recommend it. Cold wash with mild detergent, no spin.

Material: Wild Hemp, Hemp cotton, Woolen padding
Weight: 1.8 kg (approx.)
Size: 25×70 inch ( approx) 7-8 mm thick
Handmade: Nepal


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