NP- Lightweight Pashmina ( Cashmere ) Stole - 2

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Krishna Pashmina's leight weight Pashmina stole.

Our light weight pashmina products are seasonless products weighing approximately 60 gms. This ultra light weight variety of pashmina wrap is the first choice in their wardrobe especially for those women who live in coastal regions. This product is the reflection of smoothness and Luxury.

Washing Instructions:
Pashmina Shawl, Stole & Scarf are among the finest. The wool comes from pashmina goats. The Shawl is usually hand-spun as the wool is too delicate to be handled in any other way. The soft and Lightweight Shawl are snug-fit, last long and a person and his or her shawl become one.

1. Hand wash the pashmina shawl gently with cold or Luke warm water and a mild soap or baby shampoo. Let the shawl soak for 15 minutes. Rinse the shawl until the soap is washed away. Place the shawl in a Ziplock plastic bag. Shake the bag for a few minutes. Do not twist or wring the stole.

2. Spread the folded shawl it on a dry towel. Allow the towel to absorb water from the shawl. Hang the unwrinkled to dry thoroughly.

Weight - 55gm apprx

Material: 100% pashmina

Size: 70cms@200cms


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