NP- Partition Plate | 25 Cm Diameter | Round | Areca Nut Palm Leaves | Light Weighted | Durable | Bio-Degradable | Disposable Plate | Fungus Proof | Portable

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Our Pleta plates are perfect for your food, we can even say that they make your dishes look even better. From just one resource, the leaf and stem of the Areca palm, a product can be made that is biodegradable and can be composted at home. We only treat our plates with water, pressure, and heat. This creates an absolutely natural product that does not become saturated with your sauces or leaks. Even when filled warm, each plate retains its shape. But the best comes last: By using our products, you directly support our employees and their families in production, fair purchasing on the collection plantations, and ultimately your environment.

Partition Plate | 25 cm diameter | Round | Areca Nut Palm Leaves | Light-weighted | Durable | Bio-degradable | Disposable Plate | Fungus Proof | Portable


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