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The Peacock Window is a 15th-century window built-in Bhaktapur Nepal. Commonly referred to as the "Mona Lisa" of Nepal is it one of the country's most precious artworks. It consists of several small bird carvings with a large intricately decorated peacock carving in the center with tail feathers that form a lattice window. The Peacock Window is still in use today along with the Pujari Math building which has several other wood carvings built into it. The building also houses a woodcarving museum with other splendid Nepalese woodcrafts on display.

Material: Wood

Size: 24* 13 cm

Color: Brown/Black Packaging

Weight: 450 gm L= 26 cm W= 15 cm H= 6 cm

Unit Of Measure: Pcs

Package Weight: 0.45 kgs


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